Step 3: The Phone Interview

If you have made it this far, congratulations! Welcome to the most difficult part of the entire application process. The Disney College Program phone interview will consume your life from now until the recruiter hangs up with you. So grab a snack and get ready.

The first thing you have to do after receiving your email is schedule your interview. This will depend on your preferences and work/school schedule. From here you will get yourself prepared. Depending on when you scheduled your interview will dictate how much time you have to prepare. I received about 5 emails about scheduling and confirming my phone interview so that is normal. Then comes the daunting moment of the actual phone call. Good Luck! Here is my list of Dos and Don’ts:

DO take this seriously. You are interviewing for a life-changing, competitive position for an amazing company. Let that sink in.

DON’T over think it. You will be tempted to read ever blog post and watch every YouTube video, which will only waste time and freak you out further instead of preparing you.

DO get a full nights sleep before your interview. At least 8 hours. Take a melatonin or benadryl if you need to, but get a good night’s sleep. And take that into consideration when you schedule your interview.

DON’T schedule your interview for a time when you are usually asleep. You will sleep through your alarm if it’s too early in the morning; or be exhausted by the time they call if it’s too late at night.

DO take time to think about why you want to do the program. The recruiters always ask this question, so have a genuine answer ready.

DON’T prepare a script for every interview question you can find on the internet. You will come off insincere and canned over the phone.

DO smile during your interview. Believe it or not, the recruiter will be able to hear it over the phone. Smiling will make you sound more enthusiastic and happier. If you have a problem smiling that much, you may have applied for the wrong company.

DON’T spend the entire interview talking about how much you love Disney World. Everyone loves Disney World. Talk about what makes you the best person for the job.

DO prepare a work space for the interview. Make sure you have a piece of paper to write notes on, especially the recruiters name. And address the recruiter using his/her name during the interview! Have a mirror close by to help you remember to smile. Set it up how you like/need it. (I had a calming candle, a small mirror, some colorful sticky notes with reminders, a notebook to write down information that I decorated with Disney stickers, and my favorite Disney movie playing in the background that I could easily mute when they called.)

DON’T miss your interview. Things happen, but it’s a pain to have to reschedule. Make sure your phone is charged and you have good service. Try to eliminate the risk of something going wrong.

DO have fun! Be excited about this amazing opportunity.

After the phone call ends, it’s a waiting game. Be sure to check the “Communications” tab on your dashboard for the most recent updates. Typically, the recruiter will give you a rough time-line for when to expect a response. In the meantime, I recommend getting involved on the Facebook group(s). You will make friends, share jokes, possibly find roommates, and get updates on acceptance waves. Also remember to stay focused on school for the rest of the semester; the DCP doesn’t start until you finish that first.

I am always available for questions if you have any, so leave them in the comments. I wish the very best for anyone who is going/has gone through the DCP application process. Have a magical day!


3 thoughts on “Step 3: The Phone Interview

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  1. Hey! I think you’re doing really well! These are great suggestions and advice!
    I’m IFNP myself, so I totally get the web based interview nerves.
    Keep up the good work, I look forward to more of your posts.
    (And thank you for your comment on mine, even though it took a month for me to get back to you 😊 )


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