Of all my DCP bucket list items (which I will share later), I was most excited to share a magical moment with a family in Disney. When I learned my role would be lifeguard, I was afraid that I wouldn’t have any opportunities to do just that. However, the other night I got my chance. 

During one of my last rotations, the pool was almost empty and I had had a pretty tough shift. There was one family in my zone of the pool: a mother, father, and their ~2 year old son. The little boy started off completely terrified of the water, but only 30 minutes later he started swimming away from his dad and jumping into the water on his own. Our community hall keeps a giant box full of rubber duckies, so I asked my coordinator to bring one out for me. (You probably see where this is going now) Then I stopped the family as they were packing up to leave and presented a “Finding Nemo” painted rubber duck to their son as reward for doing so well learning how to swim. It was a small gesture and didn’t take much effort on my part, but the way that little boy’s face lit up made me completely forget the bad day I was having before then. 

It certainly won’t be my last magical moment, but I wanted to share it with you. Have a magical day!


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